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Consumer Advisory Council

  1. The National Consumer Advisory Council (MPPN) is a body established under the Consumer Protection Act 1999
  2. The Main Objectives of the Council are to discuss and consider consumerism issues particularly those set out under the Consumer Protection Act 1999 and to advise the Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs.
  3. According to Section 73 of the Consumer Protection Act 1999, YB Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs may establish a National Consumer Advisory Council (NPPN) to advise him on the following matters:
    1. With regard to consumer issues and the implementation of this Act
    2. Promotion of consumer protection and consumer affairs awareness
    3. Any other matters which may be referred to the Minister for the proper and effective implementation of this Act and for the protection of the consumer
  4. According to the provisions of Section 74, APP 1999, MPPN’s membership comprises the Secretary General of KPDNHEP or his representative, 16 other members representing the interests of consumers, manufacturers, suppliers, non-governmental organizations and academic members. The duration of the appointment shall not exceed two (2) years and a member may be reappointed after the expiry of his term of office.
  5. MPPN meets at least twice a year and its meetings can be held outside Kuala Lumpur with the approval of KPDNHEP.

Members of The National Consumer Advisory Council (MPPN) 2017-2019 Session

No. Name Organization Sector Position in MPPN
1. YBrs.Tuan Haji Mohd Azmi bin Abdul Hamid President,
Majlis Perundingan Persatuan Islam Malaysia (MAPIM)
NGO Consumer Chairman
2. YBhg. Datin Junaidah Mohamed Ketua Wanita<
ASEAN Traders Association
Industry Deputy Chairman
3. YBhg. Dato’ Sri Jamil bin Salleh Ketua Setiausaha, KPDNHEP Government Member
4. YB Senator Aknan Ehtook President, SelangorBuddhist Association NGO Consumer Member
5. YBhg. Dato’ Seri Dr. Jacob George Presiden,Consumer Association Of Subang & Shah Alam Selangor(CASSA) NGO Consumer Member
6. YBhg. Dato’ Professor Dr. Husaini Omar Naib Cancselor,
Universiti Malaysia Kelantan (UMK)
Academic Member
7. YBhg. Datu Haji Saleh bin Haji Sulaiman Penasihat,Consumer Voice Association of Sarawak(COVAS) NGO Consumer Member
8. YBhg. Datuk Abdul Jalil bin Abdul Hamid Chief Executive Officer(CEO),The News Straits Times Press(NSTP) (M) Berhad Industry Member
9. YBhg. Datuk Hajah Hasnah binti Haji Salam Pengurusi , Persatuan Skuad SMART Pengguna NGO Consumer Member
10. YBhg. Datuk Nurammar bin Abu Bakar Presiden Persatuan Pengilang & Industri Perkhidmatan Bumiputra Malaysia Industry Member
11. YBhg. Datuk Haji Omar bin Osman Pengerusi, Yayasan Pekerja Malaysia (YAPEM) Industry Member
12. YBhg. Dato’ Dr. Ma’amor bin Osman Setiausaha Agung, Persatuan Pengguna Islam Malaysia (PPIM) NGO Consumer Member
13. YBhg. Prof. Dr. Yeah Kim Leng Professor of Economics,Sunway University Business School Academic Member
14. Encik Guna Selan A/L A.S. Marian Penasihat, Persatuan Pelindung Pengguna Pulau Pinang (PCPA) NGO Consumer Member
15. Encik Mohd Yusof bin Abdul Rahman Timbalan Presiden, Gabungan Persatuan Persatuan Pengguna Malaysia(FOMCA) NGO Consumer Member
16. Encik James Baga@Bagah Presiden, Consumer Affairs and Protection Society of Sabah (CAPS) NGO Consumer Member
17. Encik Ravichandran A/L Balasubramaniam Secretary General
Malaysia Hindu Youth Council
NGO Consumer Member

Secretariat of National Consumer Advisory Council (MPPN)

Research and Consumer Policy Division Level 4 (Tower),

No 13, Persiaran Perdana, Presint 2,
Federal Government Administrative Center,
62623 Putrajaya,

Tel :03-8882 6556
Fax :03-8882 6860