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The Legal Division (BUU) is responsible for providing professional legal services to KPDNHEP and to ensure that KPDNHEP activities are carried out in accordance with the Federal Constitution and the provisions of the law.

Apart from legal services, the Division monitors the investigation papers to grant prosecution permits, compound permits and others. The Division reviews agreement documents before a contract is entered by the Government and it is also responsible for enacting laws that are under the jurisdiction of the Ministry

In 2009, the number of investigative papers involving trial cases in court increased dramatically. This was due to the restructuring of the Legal Division in May 2008 to handle prosecution. Apart from conducting the hearing, the Division also handles investigative papers that require consent or views of the Deputy Public Prosecutor.


  1. Ensure the advice and legal views given in connection with any questions arising in the Ministry are prompt, accurate and in accordance with the Federal Constitution and any written law.
  2. Ensure agreements and other legal documents conform to the provisions of the law to safeguard the interests of the Government.
  3. Ensure that the draft Bill and Subsidiary Legislation are organized in terms of formulation and legislation and do not conflict with the Federal Constitution and any written law.
  4. Ensure investigation and investigation papers are complete and organized for prosecution purposes.
  5. Ensure the supervision of civil cases brought by and against the Ministry goes smoothly to safeguard the interests of the Government.
  6. Handle prosecution cases under the jurisdiction of the Ministry


  1. Provide legal advice regarding matters referred by any Division or Agency under KPDNHEP.
  2. Formulate or review legal documents such as agreements, memoranda of understanding, bilateral agreements and multilateral agreements involving the Ministry.
  3. Formulate or review Bills or subsidiary legislation in accordance with the policy decisions made by KPDNHEP.
  4. Provide advice and direction on investigation papers.
  5. Conduct prosecution.
  6. Coordinate and handle civil cases taken by and against the Ministry.
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