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Non-Regulated Service Industry

  1. Consultancy Management and Management Consulting Services;
  2. Cleaning and washing services;
  3. Hairdressing Center;
  4. Market Research;
  5. Translation and interpretation;
  6. Laundry service;
  7. Market Studies;
  8. Packaging services;
  9. Photography services; and
  10. Personal & Household Goods Rental Service

Convenience Store

  • Regulation of convenience stores that have foreign participation. Owner of a convenience store with foreign interests must obtain prior permission from KPDNHEP by making an application to the Service Industry Division, KPDNHEP in order to operate.

Online Business

  • All online business must be registered with the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM);
  • Online Business Companies having foreign participation (i.e. foreign ownership above 51%) and operating in Malaysia must comply with the following regulations:
    • Company must make an application for non-regulated business with the Industry and Service Division by referring to the Guidelines on Foreign Participation in the Distributive Trade Sector in Malaysia;
    • Company must comply with the Consumer Protection Regulations (Electronic Trade Transactions) 2012; and
    • Company must comply with all existing laws and regulations in Malaysia as applicable to a physical business

Tips For Consumers

  • Guidelines on Conducting Electronic Transactions for consumers; and
  • Video

Act and Regulation