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The Product Transformation Program and Effective Distribution Program aims to develop products that can be promoted and marketed through local and foreign hypermarkets in the country involving physical transformation and branding on logo design, slogans and product packaging. The program also helps to increase the percentage (%) of Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) products in Foreign Hypermarkets (Giant, Tesco, Aeon Big and Aeon Co.) within the country in accordance with the Foreign Participation Guidelines In the Distributive Trade Sector in Malaysia (Amendment 2010).

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To facilitate access and announcement on the Effective Product Transformation and Distribution Program (PTPPB), a website has been created that can be viewed at http://spacedeals.infopengguna.com. It is a platform for entrepreneurs to get the latest information on entrepreneurial programs organized by KPDNHEP and applications to incentives offered by KPDNHEP. This site is also a one stop centre for entrepreneurs who wish to register as KPDNHEP SMEs and who wish to apply for the Malaysian Art Logo registration application. Through this website, all local entrepreneurs can introduce and promote their own company products in one microsite under KPDNHEP’s supervision. This is a free platform for entrepreneurs to gain public attention and create demand. No fee is charged, registration is free, and your business opportunity is SpaceDeals’s priority. Based on the concept of click, select and buy, your product may be the best choice among the best in the market.

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