Home Trade Enforcement Enforcement Of Labelling For Item Made Of Pig Or Dog Skin

(Item Made of Any Part of Pig or Dog) 2013

Any item made of any part of pig or dog must be displayed for sale or any sample of the item must be :-

  • Item must be displayed separately from other stuff inside the business premise.
  • Labelled with “Made of Pig”/”Made of Dog” or “any label that have the same message” and must be placed at a section where it can be seen for anyone who are interested of buying it.
  • The label must be :-
    1. In National Language or National Language alongside translation in other languages.
    2. Handwritten or printed and the height of the letter must not be less than 10mm.
  • Anyone who disobey the Order can be convicted for heavy punishment up to RM 100,000.00 or jailed for not more than 3 years or both. Meanwhile the Corporate Body can be fined up to RM250,000.00.